In Progress

I am currently working on a number of problems related to the main topic of my project:

1. Critical edition of Jan Latosz’s Prognosticon of 1594 (in Latin with Polish translation) and Przestroga of 1595 (in Polish, edited from a surviving MS copy) with introduction and commentary.

2. Critical edition of polemical treaties, brochures and pamphlets related to the introduction of Gregorian calendar in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

3. A monographic study of various approaches to matters of calendar and chronology in East and Central European intellectual culture in sixteenth- and seventeenth-centuries.

4. Edited volume of studies covering various aspects of late medieval and early modern approaches to chronology.

5. A fistful of articles covering various aspects of calendrical and chronological polemics in East-Central Europe, including such figures as Kasjan Sakowicz, Jan Brożek, Peter Crüger, Bartholomaeus Scultetus and others, some of them to be followed by appendices with critical editions of primary sources.

6. A number of reviews and essay reviews of studies on calendars, chronology, provenance research and early modern intellectual history.


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